Brief History of Gateway Bible Church

In 1948, four men (Trevor Peacock, Pete Binns, Harry Hayes, Royal Ruggles) purchased the old Church of Christ building on the corner of 1st Ave. SW in Black Diamond. This became the first church building for the Black Diamond Gospel Chapel.
The first minister was Roland Hawkes, who held his first service on October 3rd, 1948. Mr. Hawkes was the pastor until he retired on April 1st, 1980.
The Chapel operated as an independent church until 1984 when it joined the AGC. A new church building was constructed at 212 Centre Ave. West with its first service being conducted on July 19th, 1992.

Due to the amalgamation of the communities of Black Diamond & Turner Valley on January 1st of 2023 under the new name of Diamond Valley, a change of the name of the church was necessitated.  On November 27th, 2022, the membership voted to ratify the new name of the church, which is Gateway Bible Church.

After Pastor Hawkes retired, the pastors have been:

Tom Gordon (April 1980 – April 1982)
Bob Dewbury (August 1982 – August 1988)
Henry Fehr (July 1989 – January 1993)
Art Siemens (June 1993 – June 1999)
Russ Worrad (August 1999 – October 2002)
Matt Martens (September 2003 – Present)
John Park (July 2008 - May 2010)
Bryce Letkeman (May 2012 - Present)